IronMaster Super Bench Review

This would be what I ended up getting after looking at hordes or other benches.  I actually got this along with the IronMaster Quick-lock adjustable dumbbells from IronMaster as a package.

You won’t be able to find many benches that can compare with the IronMaster bench, even at higher prices!  The sheer versatility and value is what drove me to make this the bench in my home gym.

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How is the IronMaster Super Bench different?

  • This bench has 11 different angles to choose from – 0°, 5°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80°, and 85°.  Useable in both incline and decline (- if you get the crunch add-on)Super-Bench-crunch
  • Rated for up to 1000lb in the flat position, 600lbs in the incline position
  • Uses a foot lever to lock the bench into positions instead of the standard pin you see in all other benches.  – I find this to be a much easier way to adjust the angle of the bench
  • The seat is removable, it’s a tapered seat attached to a bent steel bar.  The seat can then be plugged into any of the 3 spots for it in the bench.  The seat is always 90° to the backrest.
  • Extremely high quality materials used, – this bench will last!
  • The variety of add ons.  They keep adding more and more add-ons, it is a modular total home gym.

The Bench Materials

  • It has a 11 and 12-gauge super strong square steel tube frame
  • The black steel parts are powder-coated to help protect against nicks and scratches
  • The backrest and seat use commercial grade vinyl with a thick padding all stitched together securely.  The padding is over 2 inches thick, with the stiff backing it is 3 inches thick.


  • The bench is 44” long by 18.75” wide and 20” tall overall.
  • The backrest by itself is 44” long by 10” wide and is 3” thick.  As I mentioned it before over 2” is padding
  • When the bench is in the upright position the seat height can be 16”, 14” or 12” from the floor.  When the seat is in the highest 16” position, the top of the backrest will be 31” from the seat.
  • The bench weighs 60lbs without the seat.  The seat is pretty hefty and I’d say it weighs about 8-10lbs


The attachments are where you can change the super bench from just a bench to almost any other piece of gym equipment.  This can get quite expensive since all the attachments are sold separately and you will have to budget that into your calculations.  You can make it into a pull up station to a cable machine.  These would be what I would consider the essentials

These are many more attachments/extras you can get for the super bench but I consider these the must haves.  The manufacturer even has a “Super Combo” which has the bench, sit-up and dip attachments for $349.  There is also a package that includes the 75lb adjustable dumbbell set along with the super bench and above attachments.  This package is what I purchased, here is some more information about the IronMaster dumbbell system.

Assembly & Installation

  • Assembly could not be much easier.  It comes pre-assembled except for the rubber feet in a big box.  Just unbox, stick the feet on and you are good to go.


  • 10 year limited warranty for mechanical integrity (if mechanical issue occurs when bench is used according to instructions for normal home exercise use)
  • 1 year upholstery warranty to the original purchaser.
  • Finish and wear items such as rubber and painted surfaces are not covered.

Any Drawbacks?

  • The bench is light enough to pick up and move but some wheels would have been nice.
  • The base stand could have been maybe 2” longer.  This would make it more stable when doing chins or dips.  It is still acceptable but a little longer would have made it rock stable.
  • The Crunch Sit Up attachment is REQUIRED if you want to do decline work.  It isn’t prominently displayed anywhere but keep that in mind.
  • All the shiny attachments can add up quick =)

My Recommendation

This bench really is a super bench.  The almost excessive number of angles you can set it to will IM-DB-seated curlslet you hit your upper body from all different directions.  The bench is heavy enough at 60lbs to have a good heft and not move when using the bench but still be light enough to move around at will.

The foot lever to change the angle is brilliant!  I wish the benches I used previously at the gyms had this.  It makes the changes go much faster.

At $289 the super bench is quite affordable.  I would recommend getting one of the packages though.  I personally got a package along with the 75lb adjustable dumbbell set.

This bench has lasted years and the way it is handling it I am confident it will go for many more!

It’s even available from Amazon.

If you missed the link before here is my review of the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell set.

I hope you found this helpful – Thank You!