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Welcome to Fitness Nerd!

Here you can find reviews written by me, NerdOne.  I’ll do my best to try and give you all the useful information I can about the products.  This way you can make your own informed choices!

Just to establish some of my nerd-cred ^_^ I work in computers, I love Star Wars and Star Trek (not quite a Trekker… I don’t have the uniform) and I’ve been a huge fan of anime since the early 90s.  I’m also an avid reader mostly fantasy/sci-fi and non-fiction.  BTW personally I couldn’t get into Game of Thrones (novels) I’m not a fan of large numbers of main characters and the narrative jumping around, Robert Jordon books (The Wheel of Time) were notorious for this.


I am the type of person who likes to research and study up on everything before doing or purchasing anything.  Some of my friends even ask me to help them investigate things before they buy them!

It was flattering that they trust my opinion so much.  So I decided why not share my research with a wider audience?  Thus came this site,  I guess it would get categorized as some sort of combination blog and review site…

Anyway, here you will find my research into mostly fitness related things.  I won’t guarantee that it will be ONLY fitness related things but I will start with those ^_-

You can see my most recent reviews on this home page, up on the right side will be my most recent posts.  I also put the reviews in the bar menu up at the top of the pages.  But besides just the layout of the place (I tried to lay everything out in a clear fashion…) The first things I wanted to share would be the

One is what equipment I have in my own home gym, which I think does a good job of taking up a very small amount of space and lets me do almost any exercise.

The other is about what workout routines I’ve found the most helpful and why.  Currently I follow Old School, New Body for 6 months of the year and cycle between Adonis Golden Ratio, Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact and sometimes Mike Chang’s workouts for the rest.

I have done progressive load workouts (keep trying to increase the weight from workout to workout).  This style was what I did back in college but nowadays I found this to be tough on the joints, so I’ve found the higher volume with lower weight to work better for me.  If you have ever heard of Vince Gironda, that would be the style he advocated and is expanded on in Old School, New Body.

The last would be about the diet I follow along with the reference texts/links.  But in short, I follow the principals of Intermittent Fasting combined with Dr. Grove’s recommendations.  I find it easier than Atkin’s and works extremely well!

I hope you find my writings helpful!