Why a home gym?

Ever go to the gym and find out that there is a wait for every machine you want to use?  I would go right after work and this would happen to me ALL the time…

My muscles would cool down between exercises and my workout would take twice as long as it should.  Not to mention my enthusiasm would be taking a hit all the while.

Eventually I said “Enough!” and started researching what I needed to set up a home gym.

How do I choose?

If you’ve ever been up late at night, I’m sure you’ve seen an infomercial with some strange contraption touted as

“the greatest new invention in exercise since forever!”


“wear this while you sleep and the pounds melt away!”

I’ve never found any of these claims to be true.  There are only so many ways you can move without getting hurt and they’ve been figured out a long time ago.  In other words:

subscribe Simpler is better!

cavewomanThis was that I kept in mind when I was researching what equipment to get for my home gym (I set it up in the garage).  Also something I had to keep in mind was the cost and space needed (the garage has lots of other stuff in it…)

This is what I ended up getting and I think I did a good job.  This let’s me workout from the convenience of home, so no travel time and no waiting for equipment.  It also let’s me do 99% of all the exercises that I would want!

I started off just getting weights and a bench.

What did I get for weights?


For weights I went for dumbbells and I wanted an adjustable set.  Having 20 pairs of dumbbells would have taken up far far too much room…  The two names that kept coming up in my research, that people would recommend as high quality and easy to use, were PowerBlock and Ironmaster.

I went with the Ironmaster Dumbbells.

Though I did like how quickly you were able to change the weight of the PowerBlocks, I didn’t like how the dumbbells fully enclosed my hands.  It felt like I was lifting a cage!

The feel of the Ironmaster in my hands were great!  They are sturdy and extremely high quality.

What about the bench?

Ironmaster-BenchI was so impressed by the quality of the Ironmaster dumbbells I got the Super Bench from them too.

The quality of the Ironmaster stuff really is top notch.  You do pay for it but it is definitely worth it.  I even like the feel of the Ironmaster bench more than the gym benches!

Anything else?

With just dumbbells and a bench you can workout every body part but not every exercise.  So to round out my gym I got:

  • Ironmaster dip attachment
  • Ironmaster chin up attachment
  • Bodylastics Resistance Bands for cable work (pull downs, rotator cuff work, etc.)
  • gymnastic rings
  • floor paddingIronmaster-Kettlebell

I still want to get the kettlebell attachment for the Ironmaster dumbbells but all in all I’m pretty happy with my home gym now.  The bench is really what takes up the most space and the wife is happy with the small footprint of the workout area.

~Remember Happy Wife, Happy Life!